Important Documentation


Safe places is everyone's responsibility. 

If you are a youth leader, board member, volunteer, or anyone else involved in children's and youth ministries you need to be aware of and utilising the tools and policies set out by AdSAFE. 

Below are copies of the documents most used in youth ministry but you can fine more information and documentation by clicking on the AdSAFE website link.


Risk Assessment Forms should be completed for every activity expecting under 18's and submitted to your church board for approval. 


Local church policy "Safe Environments for Children and Young People" for AUC and NZ.


Emergency contact detail, medical conditions and description of emergency care requirements and consent form for special events.

Consent to take and use both photos and video for local church, wider church and other social media and promotional material.


Permission to transport persons under 18 years.


Standard incident report form for all accidents and incidents at an organised event.