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Our Vision of Local Church Teen, Youth and Young Adult Leaders “Confident & resourced leaders with a sense of Adventist identity that are building youth ministries that disciple young people for Christ while experiencing personal balance, excellence & satisfaction.” Here you will find a variety of bible study guides, leadership resources and other material to help you share your faith and grow in your relationship with Christ.
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Regional Coaches

One of the ways we support our super heroes (youth leaders) is by giving them guidance, support and empowerment through our regional coaches. These coaches have a wealth of knowledge and are passionate about the advancement of youth ministry around Western Australia. If you are a leader and haven't been connected to a regional coach, please let us know ASAP so you can be plugged into the network.

Regional Coach Job Description click here

Youth Leaders

These are the awesome men and women leading out in your local churches. We are always on the look out for potential leaders and connecting them into a support network with mentoring and discipleship. See the document attached below for a description of what a youth leader does. Each church will edit this document based on their local needs but this is a good outline.

 Youth Leader Job Description click here

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