The stats show a decline in the number of young people in church year after year... globally! And yet the research is showing the success of connecting young people in small groups. Young people leading the way in social justice, caring for the poor, serving communities, building meaningful relationships and leading the church. This is exciting and the Youth Department are looking into how we can apply this research to the WA Adventist church context. Watch this space to find out how you can lead the movement.

REFUEL (18+)

We run an annual camp for young adults in May called REFUEL. The purpose of this weekend is to connect with other 20 somethings, get away from the day to day stresses of life and refocus on Jesus.

2018 is booked in for May 18-20 and registration will be published on our Facebook page and events page as soon as it opens.

Find a Church Youth Group

If your interested in finding a youth group to check out or belong to click on the buttons below to find out more info about each of them, we promise they are all really friendly people!